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My name is Adam Geboff and i am an electrical/mechanical/optical research, design, and development engineer currently working at the CMU National Robotics Engineering Center.  As a contract research and development organization, my activities focus on system and architecture design, mixed-signal electronics design & development, FPGA & μController programming, mechanical design, optical design, and rapid prototyping. In addition i also possess skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • FPGA Design, Development and Simulation
  • Filter Design, Specification and Analysis
  • Optical Detector Characterization
  • Semiconductor Packaging and Re-packaging
  • Imagery Analysis
  • Component Sourcing

My goals are to design and develop implantable prosthetic organs i.e. kidneys, eyes, pancreas etc. taking a multidisciplinary approach through the use of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and microelectronic engineering methodologies.  i am also interested in developing new sensing and stimulation systems and techniques to interface with the efferent and afferent signals of the nervous system for use with prosthetic and implanted devices.  i feel most comfortable in a fast paced research and development environment maturing concepts, designing systems, and developing prototypes.

Functional Resume

Chronological Resume

Gary Shaw, Andrew Siegel, Joshua Model, Adam Geboff, Stanislav Soloviev, Alexey Vert, and Peter Sandvik. "Deep UV Photon?Counting Detectors and Applications." Advanced Photon Counting Techniques. Proc. of SPIE ? The International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 7320. 2009.