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why the delay

FYI:  The reason why i have not yet posted anything is due to the fact that i am trying to develop my own custom theme.  I have written the php, found the appropriate JavaScript, and am now attempting to write the css which is going no where fast.  Due to my lack of css coding skills i have decided to forgo my custom theme, and start writing.  However, if anyone is a css master, or is looking for a challenge/charity, i encourage you to contact me.

See the FooBar Theme design on the other side.

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Comming Soon!

Inspired by the good work over at Andrew Bloom's blog Something Unimportant and tirelessly encouraged by my fiancee, i have decided to take my own first steps into the blogosphere and thus contributing to the dumming down of mankind.  My intent is to post the random bits of information i learn as well as explain the things which need explaining as i come across them as concisely as an engineer can...

... don't hold your breath

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